Monday, June 30, 2008


Our community always holds an annual "Red, White, and Boom" Celebration just in time for Independence Day. This year's Red, White, and Boom was Friday night. We always take the kids to see the "big fireworks", and this year was no different! Drew, Mikayla, and I drove downtown to find our spot with about 10 minutes to spare before the show. Because it was lightening (no rain), I decided to back the van up in the direction of the fireworks and opened the back hatch. This enabled us to sit in the back of the van and gave us the protection of the hatch over our heads. Mikayla even thought about watching over the back seat as you see in these pictures, but she decided to come around and sit with me and Drew once the show started. She keeps her hands over her ears the whole time - she doesn't like loud noises.
It wasn't cold, but Drew and Mikayla loved pretending it was with this blanket.

The Spectacular Show!!!

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