Thursday, June 12, 2008

2008 Dance Recital!

Rising Star Dance Company proudly presents
"Peace, Love, and Dance"
Recital 2008
Mikayla (front, far right) dances in the opening number to "Dance to the Music" with other dancers from last year's dance camp. Ms. Andrea and Ms. Nicole always teach their dancers many dances at Dance Camp each year, and they perfect at least one of those to be the opening number for recital the following year. Mikayla was the youngest performer in this group, and she did extremely well! They made these shirts at dance camp last year specifically to wear during recital! You see that smile - it never leaves her face while she is on stage. Several people commented on what a great dancer Mikayla is, and several also commented on her smile, even saying you can tell she has fun up there! She certainly LOVES dance!! Mikayla's second dance of the afternoon was her ballet to "Tiptoe through the Tulips". Abbi, Annabeth, Mikayla, Jadyn, Olivia, and Brooke participated in this dance. Mikayla is the one in the middle making a "bridge" with Jadyn.You may remember this dance won these girls $100 when they won first place in their age group and first place overall at their competition in March! Aren't they just precious?As soon as she finished her ballet, mommy ran back to help her change into her Monkey costume for her next dance. She danced her tap routine to "The Monkees Theme" with Abbi, Annabeth, Olivia, and Jadyn. This routine won them first place in their age group at their competition in April!Next, mommy went back to change her costume again to get her ready for her clogging routine. She performed with Noah, Kimberly, Jadyn, Timothy, and Brooke to "Buttercup".Doesn't she look sweet?Drew fell asleep on Poppi's lap after Mikayla finished her clogging routine! He was worn out!
Mikayla (far right), Timothy, Kimberly, Jadyn, and Noah wore the same costumes for their jazz routine to "Wild Thing". I was very appreciative of this because I only had to change Mikayla's shoes and she was ready!
The girls used tambourines and the boys guitars in this dance. They were so cute!For the finale, the dancers could wear anything they wanted to as long as it was from the "Peace and Love" era. Jadyn's mom and I decided to leave our girls in their clogging/jazz costumes because it was one less change for them. So, we took off their shoes and rolled up their tights and they were ready!The music was a medley from this time period, with different dancers entering and exiting the stage at different times.
The performance ended with the entire cast on stage. The audience erupted into applause giving our children a "standing ovation"!
Ms. Andrea and Ms. Nicole always give out awards at the end. Mikayla received her third year student medal and a perfect attendance award!

Drew and Mikayla pose for a picture. Mikayla holds the flowers she received from Drew and Aunt Jennie!

Mikayla was very tired after the recital, but still all smiles. She danced in six dances, and went through 4 different costumes - I'm not sure I would be smiling after all of that! Mommy, Daddy, Drew, Mimi, Poppi, and Jennie were there cheering for her all the way! We are so proud of our "baby girl" and all that she has accomplished in the last three years of dance! We can't wait to see what's in store for next year!

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BeccaGirl said...

Well, bless her heart, she really does have fun with her dancing, doesn't she!?!?! Good for her, I only wished I could have done that when I was young. Back then things were so mom wasn't 'allowed' to drive so she couldn't take us to any kind of dance or scouts or any extra stuff like that. Kids these days have alot of activities to be involved in...I think it's great!!! Keep up the great work Mikayla!

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