Wednesday, June 11, 2008

?? Dry Drowning ??

I had just finished my post about swimming last night when I thought I would check my school email. A friend had sent me an email about "dry drowning". I was shocked that this could actually happen and scared at the same time. Apparently "dry drowning" is where even a small amount of water gets in a person's lungs while swimming (or even in the bath tub for small children), and it can cause the person to "drown" after they get out of water. A 10 year old boy died last week in South Carolina because of this "little known phenomenon". I am including the link that my friend included in the email hoping that all of my friends and family members will read this story which also includes 3 warning signs to look for. You can also find more information when you Google "dry drowning".
You will notice that the warning signs might be hard to spot since, in my opinion, 2 of the 3 can be seem normal after young children spend time in a pool. It sure changed my way of thinking - not only will I be vigilant in or around water, but I will be watching for these signs afterwards too!

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