Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Tyler!

We were back at the skating rink on Saturday to celebrate Tyler's birthday party! Tyler is turning 7 just like Drew and they have been friends since they were infants. Tyler was in my kindergarten class as well! Going to the skating rink again made the third Saturday in a row! Tyler seemed to have a wonderful time - Drew and Mikayla sure did! The batteries in my camera were running low, but I did manage to get this picture of Mikayla first. This is the first time she has skated on "big girl skates". At Drew's party 2 weeks before she wore the plastic skates, then at Adam's birthday last week, she didn't skate at all because Mr. Gerald gave her "big girl skates". This week, she didn't want to skate again because of the "big girl skates" until she saw that her friend Breanna was wearing them. That's all it took - Mikayla was on the floor by herself in those big girl skates. She didn't let go of the wall much, but I couldn't have been more proud!! Go Girl!! Happy Birthday Tyler - we wish you many more!!

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