Monday, June 30, 2008

All About Space

Last week, the theme of our school's summer reading program was Space. Drew could not have been more thrilled! On Thursday, "Dinosaur Dan" came to offer two different space programs for the children. We went to one in the morning so that Drew and Mikayla could make "space mud" and then we went again after lunch so they could see a "rocket launch". Drew also got to feel the affects of gravity. Both of these were neat activities, and Drew just LOVED them. Mikayla warmed up to the idea as well and had just as much fun!!

Drew and Mikayla show off their "Space Mud"! Mikayla did not want to participate in this at first, but then decided if Drew could do it, she could!

Drew gets to feel a "gravitational pull". I could not talk Mikayla into having a turn with this!

Drew helps "prepare" the "rocket" to launch, and then watches as it launches. Mikayla stood beside me to watch, but she didn't want to get too close. She is so funny!

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