Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Reading Program

Mikayla reads with Mrs. Rogers!
Drew reads with Mrs. Vaughn!
For the past few years, our school has offered a summer reading program for our students to take part in. I have taken Drew and Mikayla the last two years to participate and this year would be no different. We didn't get to participate the first week of the program because that was the week of Mikayla's dance camp. However, we did go for the first time this past week, and both Drew and Mikayla seemed to have a lot of fun! Everyone that has read with them has bragged about what great readers they are. Drew is right where he should be with his reading and is border line above grade level (he could be fully above grade level if he put more effort into it - he is definitely a math/science person), and Mikayla is above grade level (this does not surprise me because she LOVES to read and write). They had so much fun attending the program last week, they can't wait to go back this coming week. Drew will be especially excited when he hears that this week's theme is Space!!

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