Friday, December 05, 2008

Hollywild Zoo 2008

Last Tuesday, November 25th, I took Drew and Mikayla to Hollywild Zoo to see the Christmas lights. This is an annual event for us, and many times we go more than once a year (we may be doing that this year, as both Drew and Mikayla have already asked to go back). We could not have picked a better night to go...this was the least crowded I have ever seen this place and we were able to ride through, take our time, and enjoy. It was cold, but we were bundled up tight!This emu was about to get Drew (or so he thought) in the Deer Enchanted Forest. He was saying, with urgency, "mom close my door". He was out of his seat and up in the front with me faster than I've ever seen him move before. I couldn't stop laughing - my normally fearless child did not take too kindly to an emu that "has a sharp beak" poking his head in our van. One thing Drew was certain of was that this emu was not getting him. Even as we tried to pull away from the emu, he followed our van.

Mikayla loved feeding this black deer. It apparently took a likin' to Mikayla too, because it stayed close by our van the whole time. It wouldn't let the deer with antlers get close.

Drew had several gathered around him at a time, and he loved letting them eat right from his hands...don't worry, we sanitized, their hands I mean.

Then, this big animal (we aren't exactly sure what it is, maybe someone out there can help us), just kind of hung around our van. It never ate any of the food we offered, but it stood guard like this for several minutes. We know that the animal behind this one is a zebra, but this one looked a little like a donkey to us, but he had some faint lines on his body as well. Any ideas??
Drew and Mikayla got to see and talk to Santa in Santa's village. We also got to see (and hear the clicking ankles) of some real, live reindeer this year. As far as I know, these are the first real, live reindeer I've ever seen in my life. It was neat to hear their ankles click when they walked (for those that don't know that is why the song says "up on the housetop, click, click, click") since I teach my kindergartners about them every year! We enjoyed some hot chocolate, and then we loaded back into the van to finish looking at the lights. Drew and Mikayla kept talking about how much fun they had, and as I said, they have already asked to go back. This may be installment one - stay tuned!

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