Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Boiling Springs Christmas Parade!

Saturday, December 13th, we met Poppi at our usual spot to watch the Boiling Springs Christmas Parade. I marched (playing trumpet) in this parade in Junior High and High School so I enjoy coming back year after year to watch it with my little ones. Drew and Mikayla LOVE going to the parade, although their favorite part is catching candy and getting goodies. They also like to wait for Santa who always arrives at the end. We were with other friends of ours who stand in the same spot year after year as well, and they kept commenting about how on every float that went by someone would either yell "hey Drew" or "hey Mrs. Meeks". Give Mikayla a few more years and they will be hollerin' at her too! They got enough candy, that's for sure, too much if you ask me!

Drew and Mikayla wave at our firefighters and Sparky as Poppi looks on. Who is holding their candy bags you might be asking? You guessed it, mommy.

Drew and Mikayla were excited to see Santa cruising by at the end atop another one of our fire trucks. I'm pretty sure a couple of these were the fire trucks outside our house the night before (I forgot to post on that excitement...I'll try to get to that later.)

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