Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Trevyr, and another Trip to Hollywild!

After the parade on Saturday, we went to get some lunch with Poppi, and then we met Trevyr and his family at Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate his birthday! Trevyr originally said he wanted to go to Monkey Joe's which is why we all ate first, and then later decided he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Drew and Mikayla didn't mind - they love Chuck E. Cheese! This was the second time this week the kids and I had been to Chuck E. Cheese and I forgot my camera both times, which those that know me know that is not like me. They had a ball playing with Jadyn, Trevyr, and Trinity and I enjoyed talking with Amy and Jermaine and playing a few games of ski ball myself. While we were there, Amy mentioned that she had been wanting to take her kids to Hollywild to see the lights, so we decided that we would all go together later that night.
Since Amy and her kids have never been to the lights at Hollywild and because I have a van that we could all ride in, Drew and Mikayla, and I went to pick them up about 6:00. When we arrived, we waited in line on the road for about 30 minutes and then were finally able to turn in where we waited another 10 minutes or so. The kids were thrilled when they were finally able to unbuckle and we could open the sliding doors in the back. I didn't get any pictures in the deer enchanted forest this time, but I should have because the zebra came right up to my window this time and everyone laughed because I wouldn't feed him out of my hand. I laid his "cracker" on the window sill for him to devour instead of my hand - I prefer to keep all ten of my fingers thank you very much. People in other cars were getting a kick out of this as well. I was able to get some pictures of the kids as we were walking around at the bonfire.

Drew and Mikayla were looking at and talking to this nice sweet cow when he was behind the bars. When they figured out that he could maneuver himself through those bars, they started backin' up. Hey, I don't blame them, those are some big horns!

A better picture of the REAL reindeer! I plan to show this one to the kids in my class!
Drew, Mikayla, and Jadyn enjoy their hot chocolate while warming by the fire.
A picture of all of them (I'm not real sure what Drew was doing - I think he was saying something but at this point I have no idea what it was). Drew, Jadyn, Trevyr, and Mikayla finishing up their hot chocolate. Neither of us had fed our children supper because we had no idea we would be there as long as we were. When we pulled out at 9, we all went to MacDonald's. The children didn't seem to mind at all - they were just happy to be there all together. The kids sat at one table, while Amy and I sat at the table beside them.

The kids were asleep by the time we pulled into the driveway that night. I wasn't surprised as this was a busy, busy day (just as almost every day in December is). It was filled with fun though, and a day I'm sure they won't soon forget!

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