Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inman Christmas Parade

On Saturday, December 6th (now you believe the part about being almost one month behind), Mikayla rode in the Inman Christmas Parade with her dance company. As 2007 Petite Miss Rising Star, she was the Grand Marshall of this same parade last year, and rode on the back of Aunt Laura's convertible. This year she crowned one of her best friends, Jadyn, 2008 Petite Miss Rising Star so Mikayla rode on the float with the other girls. She wasn't real sure about me leaving her at first, but when she saw Abbi, Annabeth, Brooke, Miss Nicole, and of course Bre and Emily riding with her she was fine. Drew and I dropped her off at the "float" at 9:45 then raced back to where Poppi was standing to wait for the parade to start at 10.

Mikayla and Abbi were all smiles as they were the first ones on this "float". Mikayla's dance company has grown this year so they had two "floats" in the parade along with the four cars carrying the queens and king.

See Mikayla crying and reaching for me? She was getting upset because she knew that Drew and I were going to have to leave, and Breanna and Emily hadn't gotten there yet. We didn't leave until Bre and Emily was loaded. It also helped calm Mikayla down when Miss Nicole agreed to ride on this "float". Mikayla adores Miss Nicole!

All smiles once the parade started. Nanda, Traci, Poppi, Drew, and I all screamed when their float rounded the corner so the girls smiled, waved, and threw Drew some candy! Once their float went by Nanda, Traci, and I left Poppi and Drew to watch the rest of the parade while we went to get the girls. As soon as we got them, Mikayla said I want to go see Santa (at the end of the parade). So she and I raced back to where Poppi and Drew were standing and arrived just in time for her to see Santa cruising by atop a fire truck. She was delighted!!

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