Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Breanna!

Drew and Mikayla were invited to Breanna's birthday party at Monkey Joe's on December 13th. So after the Boiling Springs Christmas Parade we got some lunch and then headed to the party. We have never been to Monkey Joe's so Drew and Mikayla were super excited. Excited too to see Bryson and Breanna, Emily, and Philip and Elizabeth as well as all the other children who were there to celebrate Bre's big day. This was another occasion where I forgot my camera - Nanda couldn't believe it and neither could Traci. I wish I had gotten pictures though, because it is a neat place. Drew and Mikayla had a ball playing on the bouncies, and putting quarters in the machines. Mikayla was fine until Monkey Joe came out (a person dressed in a purple ape (maybe?) costume. She did not want Monkey Joe near her, so when he came in the party room to wish Bre a happy birthday and take a picture with her, I had to get Mikayla and take her out of the party room. She wouldn't even sit in there with Mrs. Hayes sitting beside her - that's saying something because she adores Mrs. Hayes. Once Monkey Joe left she went back in and finished her cake and ice cream. Then they all went back out and played some more - that's what is different from Pump It Up. At Pump It Up after you have cake and open presents you have to leave, at Monkey Joe's anyone that wants to stay and play can. Other than that, both places are about the same - Drew and Mikayla love them both. They both have mentioned having their parties somewhere like that next year - we will see! Happy Birthday, Breanna - thanks for letting us share in your big day!

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