Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Santa Shop!

The Santa Shop is a yearly tradition at our school. Our PTA turns one of our portables into a "store" so that our students can bring money and buy Christmas gifts for their families. It is fun for our students to pick out these gifts independently, and it also helps raise money for our school. Prices start at 25 cents and go on up in hopes that everyone can participate (and most do). PTA volunteers even wrap the gifts for our students so that they are ready to give. Drew has purchased gifts every year at Santa Shop and Mikayla purchased gifts last year when she was in 4K and again this year in kindergarten. They both love giving the gifts they have purchased and can't wait to see the responses they get. This year was no different - in fact Drew let Mikayla open her gift from him in Extra Edition on December 9 (the day his class went) before I picked them up. Mikayla's class went on December 11, and she at least waited until we got home before she started passing out gifts.

Drew opens the gift he purchased for himself. There is no rule about kids buying things for themselves, and many of them do if they have money left over. Drew was no exception.

Even though I didn't get to see her open it, I was able to get a picture of Mikayla lovin' on her gift from Drew - a pink bear that says best sister.
Drew opens the gift Mikayla gave him - an electronic trivia ball. Mikayla did happen to be the exception to the rule. She didn't buy anything for herself, and instead brought the change home. Just another example of how different these two precious children of mine are.
They sure had a lot of fun shopping for their family, and everyone LOVED their gifts!

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