Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve...Happy Birthday Aunt Jennie!

We always go over to Mimi and Poppi's house on Christmas Eve to celebrate my sister's birthday and to open gifts from each other. We enjoyed a dinner of Oyster Stew (no oysters for us please), and grilled cheese sandwiches and then opened gifts. After opening gifts, we enjoyed some of Jennie's chocolate birthday cake! Mikayla opens the baby doll that she asked for that moves and cries from her Mimi and Poppi.
Drew opens the two wheeled scooter that he asked for from his Mimi and Poppi.
Jennie and BJ show off some of their gifts.
Uncle Jonathan opens one of his gifts from us - after he complained about not being able to get into the paper and then the box.
Mimi and Poppi open some of their gifts - Jennie and Drew and Mikayla had already worked very hard sorting all of the gifts into piles.
Drew holds his webkinz from Jennie and BJ - he named him Franklyn.

Mikayla holds her webkinz from Jennie and BJ - she named her Castle. We all had so much fun and got some great gifts! It was special spending this time with family, just like always!

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