Friday, January 02, 2009

Another Trip to the Dentist and visiting Santa!

Drew and Mikayla had a dental check-up on Thursday, December 11th. (I usually don't like for my dates to be out of order, but because I didn't get pictures I forgot to post this.) I was so proud of Mikayla who actually let Ms. Wendy clean ALL of her teeth this time. You may remember from earlier posts that Mikayla is not fond of dental check-ups or anything that resembles a visit to the doctor. At her first dental check-up Wendy was able to completely clean and check Mikayla's teeth while she sat in my lap. At her second visit we were going to try to let her sit in the chair "like a big girl" all by herself. Ms. Wendy was able to clean her top teeth, but Mikayla closed her mouth and refused to let her clean the bottom teeth saying she didn't like the taste of the paste. Wendy even tried a different flavor, but Mikayla would have no part of it. We left with her screaming (people probably thought she had all her teeth pulled or something like that the way she was screaming). The next visit, Craig took both Drew and Mikayla (smart mama!). I thought that she might let Ms. Wendy clean her teeth with her daddy there. Unfortunately Wendy was not there on this particular visit, and Mikayla had none of her teeth cleaned.
So, I didn't mention the dentist again until the morning of the 11th when I told Drew and Mikayla they would be car riders. Immediately the crying started, with Mikayla insisting that she didn't need to go to the dentist because she didn't have any cavities. Once we got to the dentist, Mikayla went first, sitting on my lap again. She was nervous and tense the whole time but she let Ms. Wendy clean and floss all of her teeth. Then Wendy called the dentist in the room while she had her hands in Mikayla's mouth flossing her teeth. Mikayla had been saying the whole time "I don't want that man (the dentist) to come in here" and Wendy thought she wouldn't open her mouth again for him. Dr. Kennemore came in to check Mikayla's teeth and said they all looked great (no cavities!!!). He told her to keep brushing like she was and that was all he would ever have to do (look in her mouth). Next it was Drew's turn. Drew climbed up in the chair all by himself (he's never had to sit in my lap). He never flinched the whole time Wendy was cleaning, and watched TV instead. When Dr. Kennemore came in to check Drew's teeth, he told Mikayla he wanted to see her sit in the chair by herself next time. He praised Drew for taking such good care of his teeth (no cavities!!!) and reminded him to continue brushing like he was. After they picked out their new toothbrushes, we were off to the mall.
I told Drew and Mikayla beforehand that if they did what they were supposed to at the dentist office, we would go see Santa afterward (hey, a mom will do whatever works). The best part is that it was not crowded at all and we didn't have to wait to see the jolly man in the red suit. Drew and Mikayla climbed into his lap and smiled for their picture and then told him exactly what they wanted for Christmas (a Baby Alive for Mikayla and a scooter and Backemond Rollers for Drew). They couldn't wait for Santa to make his stop at our house after the visit as that is all they talked about for days.

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