Friday, January 09, 2009

Fun At the Park!

Since my friend, Amy, was off of work on Monday, December 29th (I know, I'm going backwards again but I forgot to take my camera and Amy so graciously emailed these pictures to me!!) we planned to get together and let the kids play. We decided that we would get lunch and meet at the park to let them play. So Drew, Mikayla, and I went by McDonald's to pick up some lunch (chicken nugget happy meals for them and a bacon ranch salad with grilled chicken for me) and then we headed to the park to meet Amy, Jadyn, and Trevyr. As we were leaving McDonald's I got a call from Amy saying that the park we had planned to take the kids to had a sign on the fence saying closed for repairs. Not to fear, there are 2 other parks close by, and we decided on one of them. Once we arrived, we found a picnic table where we could all enjoy our lunch. The weather was nice, a little windy, but nice.
After we all finished eating, the kids ran to play. When Amy and I weren't up playing with our little ones, we were doing our usual - talking! We all had so much fun and we ended up staying for more than 2 hours. The kids surely slept well that night!
Mikayla deciding if she really wants to try that!
Drew and Jadyn getting ready to play "hide and seek".
Jadyn and Mikayla take a break from playing to pose for a picture.

Drew tries to decide if he really wants to go on the monkey bars.

Look how pretty!! Look how handsome!!
Drew, Trevyr, Jadyn, and Mikayla play in the sand. This was the rare picture of Trevyr. He wouldn't be still long enough for his mom to get a picture - he is so cute!
Run, Mikayla, run!

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