Friday, January 02, 2009

Santa Came, Santa Came!

Drew and Mikayla came in my room bright (well not even bright yet) and early Christmas morning proclaiming this very thing. When I saw that the clock read 5:04, I talked them into crawling into bed with me for just a few more minutes - it felt as if I had just closed my eyes. Probably the only reason they agreed was because they had already seen and been playing with all their new goodies. After just a few minutes we all got up, and they were thrilled to show me all Santa left for them!Drew plays with his Hot Wheels Dinosaur town. He also got some more Bakugan Rollers (I just learned to spell these - apparently we have been pronouncing them wrong as well!), a telescope, a bug maker, clothes, and a stocking full of goodies.Mikayla changes Baby Alive's diaper. This was really the only thing she asked for this year, but below you see she also got make-up, a Sharpay barbie and pink golf cart, more Pixos, clothes, and a stocking full of goodies.Santa also left a few goodies for both Drew and Mikayla - a new game for the Wii, a board game, a movie, and more Pixos.Drew played the new Wii game all morning, and hasn't stopped much since.Mikayla plays with her new Barbie and golf cart - she LOVED that it was pink, just like in the movie!Mimi and Poppi came over to see what Santa left at our house. Mimi helped put Mikayla's fake fingernails on while Poppi helped make her Barbie horse and carriage work. The fingernails were a little, er a lot, long for Mikayla and Mimi kept telling her she wasn't going to be able to do anything with them on. When Poppi asked her how she was going to eat with those long things on, she looked at her Mimi and said "let's don't put them on this hand, I'll eat with this hand." We all just died laughing - she's like her mama, that girl knows what's important!! She ended up asking Mimi to take them off of the hand that she had them on and decided she would save those for another day!
Drew shows his Poppi his new Bakugan Rollers. My daddy is such a good Poppi - check out that "amazed" face!

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