Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Basketball 2009!

Drew had his first basketball game of the season on Saturday, January 10th. He has been going to practice every Monday night since the end of November, and he has really enjoyed it. Poppi has been taking him to practice because Mikayla's dance class is the exact same time on Monday nights, and I can't be in two places at once. Daddy said Drew does very well - listens, cooperates, makes a lot of shots, and works well with his teammates. I'm sure it helps that Bryson is on his team!! Nanda and I set it up that way for carpooling. Nanda has offered to take Drew to practice for me any night that I need her to. After hearing both my dad and Nanda talk about how well Drew does at practice, I was shocked to hear him complaining of his stomach hurting before the first game. He said "mom, what if we are playing that big boys team?" Right then I knew he was nervous, and that was the reason for his tummy troubles. I reminded him that he would be okay - this is his third year playing. The closer we got to the church, the more upset he became. When Poppi got there, Drew was all but in tears. He ended up sitting on the bench the whole game because he was "sick" even though his coach and ALL of his teammates all but begged him to go in the game.
This is where Drew stayed during the game (when he wasn't in the bathroom), and I was a disappointed mommy. Please don't misunderstand - if he was truly sick, we wouldn't have even been there. I knew, though, that once he entered the game he would be fine! He earned the white star on Saturday for "most Christ like" which made mommy super proud!! His coach said even though he didn't feel up to playing he sat and cheered on his team and was an example for others. On the way home, Drew assured me that he would play in his next game.
Mikayla, on the other hand, enjoyed the social aspect of the game just fine. She, Breanna, and Emily had fun talking, dancing, playing, etc. Mikayla decided she did not want to cheer this year after running through the smoke at the end of last season. This was fine with mommy since she takes tap, ballet, jazz, and clogging and her cheer practices would have conflicted with her dance class on Monday night. I thought she would be upset once the games started and she saw Breanna cheering. She hasn't gotten upset or even mentioned anything about cheering!

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