Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Basketball Game #2

Drew's second basketball game of the season was this past Saturday, January 17th. All week long, Drew had been looking forward to this game. But when he woke up Saturday morning, he started saying that his stomach hurt again. I told him that he was fine and that he had to play. I don't ever make my kids do something they don't want to do (when it comes to extracurricular activities anyway), but they both know that once they sign up for something they stick with it through the season. Same with basketball...
I talked with the coach before the game and told him that Drew had a nervous stomach again, but that he was going to play. Drew's coach is not very forceful (which is a good thing), so when Drew told him he didn't want to play any in the first half coach didn't make him. Poppi talked to Drew after half-time and told him he was leaving if Drew wasn't going to play. Daddy also told him he wasn't going to waste his time taking Drew to practice every Monday night if he wasn't going to play in the games. Craig talked to Drew and finally made him go into the game at the start of the 5th quarter (they play 6). We were all excited to see Drew finally play his first quarter of basketball this year. He hustled the whole time, kept a smile on his face, and scored 4 points for his team. You could tell by his face he was having fun. He stayed in the game for the final quarter too, and was upset at the end of the game that his Poppi didn't get to see him play. He called Poppi on the way to eat lunch to tell him how good he did. The first two points Drew scored on a foul. At this age, if you are shooting and you get fouled, your team scores 2 points (3 if you make the shot). The other 2 points he earned by scoring a basket. Everyone went NUTS when Drew scored - all the spectators, Drew, his teammates, his coach, and even the coaches from the other team (friends from Upward and school)! We were all clapping and cheering loudly! Drew sure made me a proud mommy - and now that he knows he can do it, he will be out there every other Saturday!

Drew and his teammates get ready to play defense.

Drew hustles down the court to cover his man. He did a really good job of staying with him.

Drew and the other players look at the referee - Drew looks all sweet and innocent like "what happened?". Don't let him fool ya!

Drew hustlin' some more! I did not get a picture of him making the shot. Mikayla and a friend was helping me photograph - plus I was too busy watching the ball go in the basket and yelling!! I'm sure it won't be his last basket scored this year so I'll try to get a shot of one!

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