Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Now for the Excitement (that I forgot)

Friday night (December 12th) about 9:30, I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone when I started to see all of these cars stopping in the road in front of my house and many of them turning around in my drive way. It wasn't long before I heard and saw a fire truck go by, and then another. Then the ambulance came whizzing by, with his lights flashing, honking his horn so he could get around other cars. Then 2 police cars arrived, lights on and sirens blaring, and blocked the road in front of my neighbors house forcing cars to turn around in my driveway or the driveways across the street. Then 2 more police cars arrived with, you guessed it more lights and sirens and parked in my neighbors driveway. By this time, I'm figuring someone has wrecked in the bad curve about a block down from our house, and I wondered why they were blocking the road this far down. My thought was "it must be bad". So, while still on the phone with my friend, I stepped onto my front porch. The police cars that were parked in my neighbors driveway had their radios on and you could hear them pretty loudly (my friend even commented about them). At one point I heard the dispatcher say something about a suspect trying to enter the residence (this ended up having nothing to do with the situation on my road) and my friend told me to get back in my house. I thought I can see these two officers standing in the road, and they can see me, surely if I were in danger they would tell me to get back in my house, but I did as my friend said. I called my daddy to come over and check things out. Drew was awake and watching out the window, and Mikayla was asleep. I wasn't going to leave them inside to go find out what was going on. My daddy arrived and walked over to check on the situation - to make sure we were safe of course. When he came back to my porch, I found out that he had talked to my neighbors too (I had wondered where they all were when I had been standing on my porch earlier). He said that a car had hit and knocked down the power pole two houses down from mine and the lines were in the road. My neighbor actually talked to the guy driving (she didn't know that he had been in the car) and asked if the people inside the car were okay. He responded "I was driving - I have a headache - I was acting like an idiot". We were just glad he appeared to be okay - they said he flipped his car several times. We do live on a busy road, but it is not every day that we have 2 fire trucks, an ambulance and 6 police cars (or more - some were blocking the road on the other side) pull up in front of our house. It was hard to get Drew settled down for the night after that, but once Poppi assured him that we were okay and the the guy in the car was okay, he was fine. The police cars and fire trucks had to stay (and keep the road blocked) until the power company arrived, so they were still out there long after we were asleep.

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