Monday, April 07, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt!!

While at Grandma's house Easter Sunday, Drew and Mikayla hunted for Easter eggs. Poppi had hid these for them while we were at church - smart Poppi! He knew they would try to peek if they were there while he hid. So after they got the burgers and hot dogs on the grill, Poppi said Drew and Mikayla could begin to hunt. It ended up pretty neatly with both Drew and Mikayla finding $7. 50 in their eggs. That couldn't have ended better if we planned it. Poppi had put money in some of the eggs (change in some, dollars in others), and they both ended with the same amount of money. It was hard for everyone to believe!! Poppi ended up giving them both more money so they would have 10 dollars in bills and they also got to keep their change. They don't get spoilt much do they?!?

Poppi points Mikayla in the direction of the many eggs she missed. She would spot one egg across the yard, and run/walk past 15 others to get to the egg she had spotted! It was very cute to watch!

Drew spots one I believe!

Mikayla adds one to her bag as she runs for another one!

Drew adds another one to his bag!

Boy they sure had fun looking for these Easter eggs! Thank you Poppi for doing this for our babies!!

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