Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Craig!!

Craig helps Drew and Mikayla count money from their Easter Eggs at Grandma's!!
Today is Craig's 36th birthday - boy he's getting OLD!! It's so good to be seven (and a half) years younger than him!! It is so much fun when HIS birthday comes around, and I love giving him a hard time! Don't worry, I realize my time's coming (sooner than I'd like to think), but for now I am having lots of fun with it! Craig knows I love him no matter what his age, but it sure is fun giving him a hard time about it. Those who know Craig know that he's always making people laugh, so this doesn't bother him much! What did bother him was he got a letter in the mail today that said "Dear Senior Citizen", to which he replied "I ain't no dern senior citizen". That might have been a little much!! It also doesn't help that Mikayla walked in and told everybody at daycare that her daddy was turning 60!! LOLOL That's my girl!! Nana Gale, the owner said "I hope not because if he is that means I'm really old since I used to change your daddy's diapers." She owned another daycare that Craig and his brothers went to when they were children. Mikayla couldn't believe this and replied "ewwwww".

Well, baby, you know we love you and Drew, Mikayla, and I wish you a very happy birthday and hope you have many more!!

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Nicole said...

Happy Belated Birthday Craig. I hope it was everything you desired. (I ain't no dern senior citizen either - I'll be 35 in a few months). Yeah Yeah Alison, you just keep living it up :) You'll get there :p


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