Thursday, April 17, 2008

Drew's Second Game!

My handsome little first baseman!!
Drew gets ready to bat! Gooooo Drew!
Drew had his second game tonight and it went very well!! Drew's team didn't win, but they all played their hearts out!! Drew got another home run his first bat (that went to the fence), so I was screaming my head off as usual!! He struck out his second time at bat, but he still tried very hard!! His second bat, there were two runners on and I think he got overly excited. I reminded him to slow down, take his time, there is no hurry. I also reminded him that even the pros strike out sometimes!! I think he got a little embarrassed. I reassured him he had nothing to be ashamed of - as of right now he's 4 for 6 with three home runs and a single. Not bad, if I do say so myself! He also got a couple outs at first base today. The team we played had some good little players that could hit well! 2 of the children on the other team are in my class this year and one was a brother to a little girl I had 3 years ago so I was really cheering for them all! Of course, it wasn't hard to tell which one was mine either! I just hope I don't offend anyone at the games with my cheering because I am LOUD!! At school, I'm all teacher! On the ball field or at the dance competition, I'm all Mommy!! Go Golden Gophers - keep up the hard work!! You will get it!!

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Nicole said...

This is such a mommy post and so something I would post :)
I can tell you totally love your kiddos Alison!

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P.S. I am SO happy you joined me on my OTHER blog. I have no time for Manic Mom these days. LOL

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