Monday, April 28, 2008

Drew's Fourth Game!

Drew's team played their fourth game on Saturday. Mikayla and I did not get to attend because we were awaiting awards at her competition. Mimi, Poppi, and Daddy were there cheering Drew on. I wish I had been there to get some pictures from this game, but my mom was able to get some so maybe I can get those on here soon. Our Gophers lost again 9 - 5, but I am happy to report that several of our guys (and gal) got hits today!! Drew batted 3 for 3 at this game with 1 home run, 1 double, and 1 single scoring 3 RBIs. That brings his total to 10 for 12 on the season with 6 home runs!! I reminded him before he left the auditorium to just get hits. This seems to help Drew as he doesn't get up to bat swinging for home runs, so it helps him calm down. Craig said he also played very well at first base today - stopping several balls to tag the runner out at first. He and Taylor also connected many times to get outs. Our little guy that plays the circle, Cameron, also got his first home run in this game!! Peyton and Lane also got hits!! I wish I had been there to see all these things!!

After the game, the coach for the other team came up to Craig and asked "is that number 13 yours?" When Craig answered "yes" the coach said "he sure is a heck of a baseball player"! Then the other coach called "number 13" and when he got to Drew he patted his head and squatted down next to Drew and said "you can come play first base on my team any time you want to". Please know I write these things not to brag (even though I am a proud mama), but because I want to remember them so that I can share them with Drew when he is older! We are very proud of Drew and all of the players on our team. We have practice tomorrow night and Wednesday, and I can't wait until our next game on Monday! You can do it Gophers!! Can you tell I LOVE baseball season??

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