Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Limo Ridin'

Drew and Mikayla take a picture with the other students before they load into the limo.
Our school's spring fundraiser was selling World's Finest Chocolate bars. Our PTA always does a wonderful job offering huge incentives for children who sale. The incentives for this fundraiser were no different. The incentive I was trying to get for Drew and Mikayla was four boxes of chocolate so they could each go on a limo ride in a Hummer limo. Drew has ridden in a limo (car) before after another fundraiser at our school when he was four. I really wanted Mikayla to be able to experience this. Today, she got the chance. Both Drew and Mikayla were able to ride in a Hummer limo along with many other students from our school to Beef O' Brady's for lunch. Mikayla was a little unsure of this at first asking me "will it go fast", "does it have belts (seat belts)". I assured her she would be okay as many of our PTA volunteers were chaperoning this trip and our principal followed along in his car. I told her it would be just like riding in our car, only better. They both had a wonderful time and wanted to tell me all about it after school. Drew said he had to cover Mikayla's ears at first because the music was loud inside, but then she got used to it. So sweet of that big brother. Everyone at school always comments about what a great big brother Drew is. He truly is, and for that I'm grateful. I wish they didn't like to aggravate each other so much at home though. Oh well, it's hard to be good all the time!

This picture isn't that great of the kids, but I was trying to get all of the vehicle in the photo.

First Drew climbs in, and then below Mikayla gets ready to sit beside him. Look at the roof of this thing. I wish I had gotten to go!!

I tried to talk Mikayla into staying and watching my class, and letting me go (after she got used to the idea of going), and she replied "I can't, I'm not a teacher". I'm so glad both of our children were able to experience this!

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