Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fun at the Park!!

The weather over our spring break wasn't all that great - most days were rainy and/or cold. I can't complain all that much though because we were able to get our house clean! However, this week the weather has been absolutely gorgeous so we have been spending all the time we can outside. I took Drew and Mikayla to the park on Sunday afternoon, and then came home and played outside more while Craig and I washed my van. The great thing about the park closest to our house is that not only is there a playground but there are also open fields, a creek, and many sidewalks. Drew and Mikayla played on the playground for awhile and then we went over to one of the fields to hit some baseballs. We had so much fun, I took them to the park again after school on Monday. We weren't able to go to the park yesterday because Mikayla had dance class to practice for her ballet competition this Saturday. However, Craig and Drew did go to hit some baseballs while we were at dance. Today, I left school on time and Drew, Mikayla, and I went back to the park - this time the one at the lake landing.

Sweet brother and sister!!

Drew loves climbing this thing!
So sweet, but I wish I could see her smile!
There's my boy!
Look at my girl go!!

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