Tuesday, November 04, 2008


On Sunday, October 26, Drew, Mikayla, and I headed to our local park to participate in AYSO's "Socctoberfest". Even though this is Drew's second year playing soccer, this is the first time we have participated in "Socctoberfest". It was a very well organized event, and I'm glad we participated! The children could wear their soccer uniforms or they could wear their costumes. Drew wanted to wear his costume, and because of this, of course Mikayla wanted to wear hers. All I can say is I'm glad they have gotten so much use out of their costumes this year!!

Mikayla waits for the "Parade of Teams" to start!

Drew walks in the "Parade of Teams" with his coach Christ, and teammates Zachary, Micah, Connor, and Harrison! When the parade was over, Drew told me he was embarrassed while walking- I reminded him that with his mask on most people didn't even know who he was!

Drew participating in the "scariest costume" contest.
My dad surprised us by showing up after we had been there about an hour. Drew and Mikayla sure were happy to see their Poppi! Mikayla even wore Poppi's hat for awhile so she did the only natural thing - she let him wear hers!

AYSO had vendors there and also inflatables. A local martial arts school came to put on a demonstration for the players and families. There was even a soccer game between the coaches and the referees from this season! Drew and Mikayla wanted to play on the equipment at the park more than anything. They especially loved Poppi pushing them on the swings!! Drew played in the last regular game of the season this past Saturday, and the game ended in a tie. He does, however, have the chance to play in a soccer tournament this coming weekend. We can't wait to watch the outcome of that!!

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