Monday, November 24, 2008

A Butterfly...

When we got home from the PTA meeting/chorus performance, Drew was excited to find that we had a butterfly. Both he and Mikayla had been watching the caterpillar that I received at Region Teacher Forum eat and grow, eat and grow. They saw the caterpillar build a chrysalis and finally got to see the beautiful butterfly that emerged! I told Drew and Mikayla that we would need to let the butterfly go. They didn't get upset (as I thought they would), and instead couldn't wait to let "her" go. Drew loved the fact that she wouldn't fly off of him! When I saw "she" was in no hurry to fly off, I grabbed the camera. Mikayla stood in amazement taking it all in. She will get to watch this metamorphosis again in the spring when our kindergarten classes study insects! She will be excited!

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