Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Decision 2008

I stood in line today for 2 hours to cast my vote (I'm not complaining, it could have been much worse! My sister waited for more than 4 hours at the same voting place.)! 1 of those hours I had my two precious angels with me. I was thinking "oh, it will be great for them to witness a part of history". By the end of the first hour, and about the time the batteries in Drew's GameBoy died, I was thinking differently! Thankfully I had previously talked to my mom and she had planned for them to stay with her. She came up to the school where we were in line to pick them up. I'm sure they had much more fun playing at Mimi and Poppi's house while mommy stood in line another hour!
I was supporting McCain and Palin, and I am a little sad to hear (just a moment ago) that they will not be leading our country over the next four years. I am not sure what these next four years hold for any of us. I am sure of one thing, though. My God is in control! He knows exactly what is in store for us over the next four years, just as He knows everything. This is all part of His plan! I am thankful that I have that assurance, and I lean only on Him!

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tegdirb92 said...

AMEN--great post Allison.

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