Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Conferences, Report Cards, Awards, Oh My!

Last Monday and Tuesday we held our Parent-Teacher conferences at our school. I was able to meet with both Drew and Mikayla's teachers on Monday and get their report cards. These were both great conferences, where both teachers bragged and bragged on my angels! I can't get over the changes I have seen in Drew this year - he has always been a smart boy, but he has never really had a "love" of school. He has said repeatedly before this year "I hate school, I hate to read, I hate to write". Every time he would say these things, this "teacher mama" would cringe. He has not said those things this year, and I am thrilled. His teacher, Mrs. Turner, has been fantastic and she had such nice things to say during our conference. I was thrilled to see that he got straight A's on his report card! Way to go Drew!! Mikayla has also surprised me this year. She has always been a good student - one who loves to please! I was worried a little about her bossiness though. She is definitely her mother's daughter. Her teacher had such great things to share about Mikayla and I was thrilled to see that she got straight S's on her report card. Her teacher, Mrs. Batson, also let me know that she is quite the dancer. She said that Mikayla is always the one you can count on to get the dances to their "wiggle songs". After 4 years of dance she ought to be!

Our school had our Award's Day on Wednesday, October 29th. We did things a little differently at our school this year. One of the differences is that kindergarten has never participated in Award's Day and this year we did. Another difference is that all of the Award's Ceremonies were held in each teachers' individual classrooms. Drew's ceremony was at 9:30 and then Mikayla's was at 12:00. My classroom's ceremony was also held at 12:00, but Mikayla's teacher, my assistant, and I worked it out so that I could be there to see Mikayla get her awards! I am soooo proud of both of my angels and all of their hard work!! I hope that they both always do this well in school - they are very capable, that's for sure!!
Drew accepts his Perfect Attendance Award from his teacher!
All smiles back at his seat!!

Drew receives his dog tag for Principal's Honor Roll! He also got to go to the Principal's Pals tailgate party last Friday afternoon to honor this fantastic accomplishment!

Drew's shows off all of his awards!! Keep up the great work, my sweet boy!!

Mikayla accepts her award for "Miss Manners" from her teacher! That's my girl - manners are very important to mommy!!

Mikayla walks back to her seat after accepting her award for Perfect Attendance!

Mikayla and her friends recite a poem that they had been learning in class for the parents! I love the look she is giving me here! She couldn't stop smiling - from the time I walked into the class until the time I left to go back to mine!Mikayla shows off the awards that she earned! Keep up the great work, my sweet girl!!

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