Thursday, November 20, 2008

Drew's First Chorus Performance!!

On Monday, November 11 (I'm wayyyy behind!), Drew and the other second graders at our school performed a special Veteran's Day Program for all to enjoy at our monthly PTA meeting! Drew was very nervous about this and I thought I was even going to have to hand in his form and money (for his shirt) so that he could participate. He kept saying "I'm gonna get stage fright". I reminded him that there would be lots of other children around him singing, and that I would be there so he could look at me the whole time (which Mrs. Curry loved, I'm sure, since they are supposed to watch her).
Drew was passionate about me sitting on the front row, and he had already told me which side he would be on so I could be sure to grab seats on the right. Mimi, Poppi, Jennie, and BJ were all planning to join Mikayla and I to see our boy in his first school chorus performance, so I knew I would need to get there early to get that many seats. Since Mondays are so busy for us, my assistant said she would get me some seats (she doesn't leave school every day until 6 because she works in our after school program) until I could get there. Drew was worried when we arrived, saying "you won't be on the front row". He even started crying, saying "I'm going to freeze up". I calmed him down and told him that I would still be close and that he could look at me the whole time. When we got in the cafeteria, I (and Drew) was delighted to see that Mrs. Brooks was on the second row, and that Mrs. Curry had even reserved seats with my name on them. I was so appreciative to these two wonderful ladies, and I think their act of kindness calmed Drew down greatly!! He kissed me bye and headed down to his classroom to meet his friends.
Drew walks in with the other second graders. You can see how nervous he really was!
Once the performance started, he didn't look so nervous anymore and sang right along with the rest of them!

I was beaming with pride as my precious angel sang these songs to our veterans!

He did look at me some throughout the performance, but not near as often as I thought he would!

All of these fantastic students (27 of which were mine in kindergarten) did a wonderful job in this performance. I couldn't have been more proud, especially of my little singer. At the end of the performance, Drew was adamant about shaking the hands of the veterans that were there and thanking them for their sacrifice. What a sweetie!!

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