Thursday, December 28, 2006

Polar Express Day

I skipped ahead of myself on the last post. I was beginning to post about our Christmas, forgetting that I wanted to post pics of Drew wearing his pajamas to school. On Tuesday, December 19th, we had our annual Polar Express Day out our school. This is a school-wide activity where all the students (teachers too!) wear their pj's to school with a pillow and blanket too, and enjoy hot chocolate (or milk) and cookies. Each grade level takes a turn "boarding the train" (in the hall) to hear our Principal read The Polar Express. Our children also have an opportunity to watch the movie. It is a day full of fun learning activities! Here are some pictures of Drew in his pj's at school...

Drew watches the movie in his classroom.

After enjoying cookies in his classroom, Drew also had a snack of cookies at our school's after-school program.

Thanks to my sister who was at the school helping me in my classroom for getting these pictures. (She also works with the after-school program.)

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