Saturday, December 02, 2006

More Christmas Lights

A close-up of the decorations! The spots you see in the pictures are unfortunately rain, not snow. Hopefully we will get a good snow this year!
The wide-angle view (I was trying to get everything in this picture)! The front yard is full with a snowman, train, and flying Santa and sleigh. You can also see the soldiers on the porch, the lighted wreaths on the windows, the icicle lights, and the lights on the bushes. Craig has since added some carolers to the left of the snowman.
This is the decorations in our side yard. Since these don't like up, Craig shined two spotlights on them so they would be seen at night!

On Tuesday, while Mikayla and I were at dance (tap/ballet) Craig was going to finish our Christmas lights. He had already added lights to our bushes in front of the house, but I had been wanting to add icicle lights this year! So, he went over to my mom and dad's house to borrow my dad's big ladder. We gave Craig a ladder for his birthday this year, but his is not tall enough to reach the tallest point on the edge of our house. Mikayla and I left with Craig on the "little" ladder working on the lights on the lowest ledge. He had climbed the "big" ladder a couple of times while I held it and he said "I don't know if you'll get them on that tall point or not". I just told him to wait until Mikayla and I got home so I could hold the ladder for him. Mikayla and I were surprised when we got home to see that he had finished the roof. I had a feeling that my dad must have come over to help, but Craig said "me and my helper" finished it - his "helper" being Drew. When I asked Drew "who fixed our lights?" (thinking he would answer "me and daddy"), he promptly answered "Poppi and daddy". I just turned and glared at Craig for letting me think that he and Drew did it by themselves. Then I found out my dad was in on the whole thing to - and in fact - told Craig to tell me that he and Drew did it! Thank goodness my son tells the truth - ha ha! The house looks really beautiful - these pictures really don't do it justice - and I am so thankful for the wonderful men in my life!!

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Jenn86 said...

This is BEAUtiful..its even prettier in person.....awwww

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