Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Parade

Saturday, we got up early to get Mikayla ready to participate in her first parade. Her dance company was going to be riding on a "float" in one of our local parades, and that is all she had been talking about! Craig, and I were pretty excited, but we were also a little skeptical about her riding without one of us! Drew was all set, and even had his bag ready to catch candy! He was pretty excited to see his sister riding on a "float", but he also had a hard time understanding why he couldn't be in the parade also! We are sure it won't be long before he has a chance to participate in a parade with one of the many sports teams he plays on! Mikayla surprised us all by riding the entire parade. Even when she got almost to the end of the parade and saw her Poppi waving she didn't cry to get off the "float". She just smiled, waved, and blew him kisses! Mikayla seemed to have a wonderful time being in the parade and Drew sure had a good time getting all that candy! I'm sure they will both won't to participate again next year!

When we first arrived at the line-up of "floats". At this point, she was not real sure she wanted to ride - and she didn't want me to get too far from her side! Even with her eyes closed, I still think this is such a cute picture!

Mikayla feels more comfortable as she sits in the lap of one of the other little girls' mom! This is the same mother that helped me so much with Mikayla at last year's recital, and Mikayla loves her. This is just before the parade begins, as the girls and adults get prepared to wave and throw candy!

Daddy and Drew wave to Mikayla as her "float" passes by! You can see her at the very front closest to us! She is pointing out her family for all of the other children to see! Her teacher Ms. Andrea (at the very back of the float) rides with them along with Shannon's mom and Morgan's mom!

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Jenn86 said...

awwww...this is TOO CUTE...I bet she did a GREAT job in the parade!!!!

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