Friday, December 15, 2006

Another Busy Week!

Wednesday night at church Drew had children's choir practice. They perform their Christmas musical this Sunday morning! (Look for lots of pictures Sunday night!) There will be about 21 children participating, ages 3 to 11. Mikayla is not participating this year because she was to participate in the youth's Christmas drama. When the youth drama did not work out our children's director said that Mikayla could participate with the children, but she had not been practicing with them. Also, with this shy stage she is going through, I wasn't sure she would do it anyways. We look forward to next year when both she and Drew participate together!

Last night we went out to dinner and then did a little more Christmas shopping - we are still not finished! This is my favorite time of year, but it sure is hard trying to come up with the perfect gift for some in our families!!

When we got home Craig debated about whether or not to go to his brother's house in Inman to spend the night. He was scheduled to leave at 4:30 this morning to go duck hunting with his brothers, and he didn't want to wake me and the kids that early. He decided to stay here because he thought he would get more sleep - yeah right! So this morning he left at 4:30 with instructions to call me at 5 to make sure I was up. I usually take Drew with me every morning since he goes to school now, but Craig usually takes Miki to daycare before he goes to work (he doesn't have to be there as early as we do). This morning I was to take them both, so I needed to get an earlier start! Craig called right at 5 as instructed, but I had already been up about 10 minutes. I got myself ready, got Drew and Mikayla up without incident (which is something short of a miracle at our house), and left the house early enough to stop at Hardess for breakfast! Amazing or so Craig would say - haha! He knows how long it usually takes us in the mornings. Craig seemed to have a wonderful time hunting. He is on his way home from Chris' house right now, and we can't wait to see how successful they were. Four guys in two boats - surely they were able to get a few at least! We shall see!

Tonight, it's out to dinner and time for MORE shopping (will it ever end???). Then we will probably go by Mimi and Poppi's for awhile. Tomorrow will be spent shopping and wrapping as well! There was a message from Ms. Andrea on the machine when we got home. She was inviting Mikayla to dance at the grand opening of a grocery store here in town tomorrow. I called her back to let her know that Mikayla would love to - add one more to our list of things to do! I really don't mind it though, Mikayla is loving this dance and it gives her another chance to get over her shyness! Then tomorrow night she will be part of "Bethlehem Walk" at another church in our community with her dance company. Look for lots of these pictures tomorrow night. Weekends = rest! Says who??

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