Thursday, December 21, 2006

A King is Coming to Town

Last Sunday morning at church, our children's choir presented their musical A King is Coming to Town! This is a cute musical with a special message. It is set in the little town of Rumor Mill, USA and of course everyone knows that a King is coming to town. The problem is nobody seems to know who this King is and why he is coming! It opens with the children singing Extra! Extra! Read All About it!, and a reporter questioning the residents about who the King is. The residents begin speculating about who the King is, and then the choir would sing songs that went with these speculations. For example, they sung Someone Special is Coming to Our Town, King of the Jungle, The King of Rock and Roll is Coming to Town, A Child Like Me, and A King is Coming to Town. The residents of Rumor Mill finally figure out that the King is Jesus - the King of kings! It was such a beautiful, moving performance. I am so proud of all the children for practicing so hard and doing a wonderful job!

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