Saturday, December 02, 2006

Busy Times = Fun!

These precious children of ours sure are keeping us busy! Drew finised up his last day of Karate on Monday as I took Mikayla to her tap/jazz dance class. Then Mikayla and I left directly from dance to meet daddy and Drew at the church for Drew's first basketball practice. He is playing basketball for the first time this year with the Upward program. This is a wonderful program because not only do they teach the children the foundations of basketball, but they are also teaching them things that they will take with them for the rest of their lives. They are teaching God's word through devotion time at every practice and game which is something I am grateful for. They also teach teamwork, cooperation, and compassion which are all so very important in this day and age! So, until basketball season is over, Mikayla and I will rush directly from dance to Drew's practice every Monday. His games will be every Saturday morning, and we are hoping that the games don't start next Saturday because Mikayla is scheduled to be in her first pageant. I'm not a big pageant mom - that's the reason she's never been in them before now, even with lots of coaxing from many of our friends. I am really looking forward to this one though because it is a simple Christmas Pageant. The children only participate in two categories - beauty and photogenic, and the clothes are "off the rack". In other words, not a "pageant dress"! I never could validate spending all that money on a dress that the children only wear a few times (in some cases, only once). Also, there is no make-up allowed at this pageant - only lip gloss for the girls! All of the participants receive a crown and trophy so it is not hurtful to those who don't "win". We will see how it goes - I hope I am not being naive. I know we are extremely proud of our princess regardless of how she does in this pageant, and we certainly don't need "judges" to tell us that she is beautiful. My hope is that she has fun and that she loves her trophy (she has really been into those since she received her first one at her dance recital in June)!

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Jenn86 said...

awwwwww.......pretty busy sounds like..but u wouldn't have it ne other way and i know that

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