Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas Lights

Saturday night - like Saturday wasn't busy enough with the parade and pageant- we took the kids to Hollywild Zoo to see the Christmas lights! Craig was just overwhelmed with joy to be going there - ha ha - especially since we waited on the road outside the gate for 40 minutes because it was so crowded. We sure had a good time though, even Jennie went with us this year!
" Are you sure this door is supposed to be opened? We never rode like this before!"
Jennie and our silly girl riding with the door opened on their side. It was so cold - notice the blanket!

Drew tries to get a deer to eat from his hand, but it never came close enough!

Aunt Jennie and Mikayla throw food to the animals!

Drew feeds an emu a piece of bread. He is braver than me - but he dropped it before the pointy beak took it from his hands!
The emu wanders to mine and Miki's side of the car! Notice Aunt Jennie's hand - she was trying to close the door.
An upclose look at the emu - in all honesty it was more scared of us than we were of it!
Drew and Miki feed the donkey.
Craig feeds the buffalo!

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