Thursday, December 21, 2006


I guess some of you may be looking for pictures of Mikayla dancing at the grand opening of Food Lion last Saturday or her at the Bethlehem Walk. We went to the grand opening and Mikayla and I watched some of the other girls dance their routines for the audience that had gathered around. As soon as Ms. Andrea announced Mikayla's name, she turned around and wanted me to hold her. Ms. Andrea was going to give her more time so she called other girls to dance. By the time we left Ms. Andrea had asked Mikayla 3 separate times if she was ready to dance with her. Since Mikayla still did not want to dance in front of all the people (she was the only one there from her class - so it would have just been her and Ms. Andrea), Ms. Andrea asked all of the girls there to dance Mikayla's dance with her. Keep in mind this was the first time these other girls had seen Mikayla's dance. Mikayla still did not dance - she was being my shy little monkey! After she didn't participate at the grand opening, we didn't go to the Bethlehem Walk. Ms. Andrea had also said that she was worried she would be scared because of the real animals and all, so I thought it was best to wait until next year for that! I hope by then she will be over this "shy spell". On Monday and Tuesday dance this week Ms. Andrea said "I have thought and thought about what is different with these performances because she did so well at recital". The only thing she could think was that at recital they are kept backstage so they don't see all of the people. Then when you are on stage you can't really see them either because of the bright lights. Everywhere she has danced so far this year she's been standing directly in front of the people so she sees them. She said I wish you could see her dance in class - she does amazing. I'm beginning to think this is a stage she is going through - sort of like separation anxiety that infants go through. She is older than she was at recital and now she notices the people watching her. I'm not real sure why she does this, it really doesn't matter. All I know is that we couldn't be more proud of her. Not many children - or adults for that matter - get up in front of people (even small groups) and perform! She loves dance - that I am positive of - so I'm sure that it will get easier for her! Here are some pictures from her party on Tuesday - I didn't remember my camera on Monday!

They dance first, then they party. Check out how she holds her fingers when she does that ballet spin. So sweet!!

Kamree, Annabeth, Mikayla, Ms. Andrea, and Kimberly. Kimberly is not in Mikayla's class this year because she is taking hip-hop, but she was in Mikayla's class last year. She was making up a class on Tuesday.

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