Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we always go to my mom (Mimi) and dad's (Poppi) house. We always enjoy spending time with my mom, dad, brother, sister, and Jessica. Our Christmas Eve tradition is to enjoy our supper together, and then we exchanged our gifts to each other!

Before going to Mimi and Poppi's house, I got these cute pics of Drew and Mikayla in front of our Christmas tree. They had each just gotten out of the bathtub and were in there pj's.
Drew and Mikayla each open one gift before supper. They both get Hess trucks every year from my mom and dad! This is a tradition that my parents started with my brother, sister, and I. Both Drew and Mikayla love getting these each year!Uncle Jonathan, Jessica, and Bailey get ready to open presents!
After supper, Drew gives Poppi one of his gifts - a cup that Drew and Mikayla decorated especially for him!
Mimi holds Mikayla as she opens her gift from Uncle Jonathan and Jessica!

Drew helps Mimi open one of her gifts - a cup Drew and Mikayla decorated just for her!

Mikayla shows off one of her gifts!

Drew and Uncle Jonathan get ready to play with one of Drew's presents! Jonathan always loves when Drew gets something he can play with too - haha!

Mikayla and Poppi play with Mikayla's baby that she received. She LOVES her babies!

My sister, Jennie, and Jessica check out one of Jessica's gifts - a make-up kit. Jennie and I received one just like it on Christmas morning!

Drew and Mikayla each take a turn "sword-fighting" Poppi with empty wrapping paper rolls!

We were having so much fun at Mimi and Poppi's house and we all hated to leave! We had to get home and to bed though so Santa Claus could come!

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