Friday, October 03, 2008


Have you ever felt like you were running in quick sand? I'm feeling that way about every week now. Every time I start feeling that I'm caught up and can relax, something else comes my way. Please don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining! I am very blessed - I have a fantastic husband, two beautiful, healthy children, a terrific family, and a wonderful job. I have to remember new school years are always like this, and things will settle soon (I hope!).

With other responsibilities comes less time for "fun stuff" and this blog (oh how I love it), counts as "fun stuff". Thus, the reason I have fallen behind with my posting!

Drew will have another soccer game tomorrow and I have yet to post about the previous two...

At his game two weeks ago, his team won 6-1 and Drew scored two goals. One of his goals he scored on a kick-off from mid-field! We couldn't believe it - I think everybody was a little shocked, even Drew!
I love this picture - Drew looks so intense!This is the kick-off where Drew scored a goal. The ball went from here into the goal!!Drew throws the ball in to his teammates.
And, Drew playing goalie. He loves to play goalie and it tears my nerves up. Almost to the point that I can't watch! Here it looks like he's adding up the score instead of watching for the ball. Hence why mom is scared to watch!
At last weeks' game I forgot my camera. It was also silent Saturday where the parents and coaches could not talk/cheer/yell. You could clap and that is all - do you know how hard this is for me? Drew was goalie two of the quarters in that game and he did not score any goals. Our team also lost the game 4-3. We are anxious to see how our little guys do tomorrow - Drew can't wait! Go RED (we don't have a team name...)!!

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