Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Jadyn!

Last Saturday, after Drew's soccer game, we headed to Jadyn's house to get ready for her birthday party. She was having her party at the apple orchard (the same one that Mikayla and I had visited the week before). It was great to see the difference in my friend, Amy's house since the last time I was there. Her brother is remodeling it and he has worked very hard!

We looked like a caravan as we all followed Amy and Jadyn to the orchard. I thought having a party at an apple orchard was a fantastic idea - one that I never even thought of! One of the guys that was working even recognized me. He said "weren't you here on a field trip?" When I told him I was, he said "now you are back for a birthday party", and he asked what school I had been with. When I told him, he said "oh yea ya'll were here last Friday in the rain". Now that's a pretty good memory!! Drew and Mikayla were so excited, and we all had so much fun. We hope you had a wonderful party Jadyn!! Thanks for letting us be a part of it!

Drew and Mikayla smile as they ride the "hayride" - a trailer pulled by a tractor through the orchard. Drew

Drew has fun petting the bunnies. He wanted to buy one of these - I was just glad he didn't see the "for sale for 10 dollars" sign! There was a very cute brown and white one, but I thought what will we do with a rabbit?
Mikayla and Brooke feed the goats. They were so fun to watch because they would get so tickled when the goats would eat from their hands!

We also had a chance to go through a maze, pick apples, and take more pictures!After picking their apples, Mikayla and Drew even posed for a picture just to satisfy mommy!

Jadyn, Mikayla, Brooke, and Drew wanted their picture taken together before we left.

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