Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

The kids and I have been going, going, going since last week all in anticipation of Halloween. Last Thursday, we met my friends Nanda, and Wendy and their kids at McDonald's for supper. The kids (all 9 of them, when all was said and done) had a ball playing together on the playground while the mommies talked! After they played for awhile, Nanda, and I (along with Tracy and Carol who had joined us at McDonald's) took our little ones to The Enchanted Trail in a neighboring community (Wendy was not planning to take her three). Carol is the one who heard about this, and invited the rest of us to come along. We couldn't wait to see what this would be like, and the best thing was we didn't have school on Friday so it didn't matter how late we were out!
The Enchanted Trail was a neat fall festival held at The Pavilion in Taylors - one that I recommend visiting if you live near here. We got to pet animals, play games for candy, play on some inflatables, go through a trail in a "forest" where Disney characters gave the children candy, and ride on a train. There was also a costume contest, balloon animals, and much more. This was the best 10 dollars I have spent in awhile. Drew and Mikayla had so much fun - they have already asked to go back. This may become a yearly tradition for us!
Mikayla and Drew finally pose for a picture, just before we rode the train. Please notice my daughter's "bunny bucket". I didn't think to take their Halloween bags, so Nanda let us use two they had. Mikayla didn't think a thing about it!

Mikayla and Bre pose for a picture. Can you tell they are dancers?

All the girls...Mikayla, Emily, Breanna, and Brooke

The boys...Drew and Bryson (just a little out-numbered).

My 2 precious angels riding the train. Mikayla sat with me and Drew and Bryson were in the car in front of us. Nanda and Bre were in front of them, Tracy and Emily were behind us and then Carol and Brooke!
All of our children were very well behaved (that says a lot when there are six of them), and everyone had a great time!

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