Sunday, September 28, 2008

2008 Dance Season

Breanna, Jadyn, Mikayla, Anika, Emily, and Elana pose for a picture after their first tap/jazz class!
It's All Coming Up Dance is the theme for this year's dance season at Rising Star Dance Company. Classes started the week of September 8th and it couldn't have been soon enough for Mikayla. She asked at least twice a week during the summer "is it time for dance yet?". I had to remind her that dance would not start until after school started. She is taking ballet, clogging, tap, and jazz again this year. This is a lot for a five year old in addition to full day kindergarten, but Mikayla would not have it any other way. It has not negatively affected her in any way - she LOVES dance! Right now, she is able to take combination classes so she dances 2 hours per week - one hour on Mondays for clogging and ballet, and one hour on Fridays for tap and jazz. Once she turns seven she will not be able to take combination classes anymore, and she may have to choose her favorites at that point. We want to expose her to as many different types of dance as we can so that she can choose her favorites when the time comes - hopefully - at this point they are all her "favorites"! Another reason Mikayla is excited about this year's dance is that Breanna, her best friend, and Breanna's cousin, Emily, will take dance this year too! They are in Mikayla's tap and jazz class on Fridays. We can't wait to see how much Mikayla grows and learns in her fourth year of dance!

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