Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grits for Grandparents!

On Friday, September 12, our school hosted Grits for Grandparents for our kindergarten students and their siblings. Our PTA took care of breakfast for the grandparents so they could come and eat with their grandchildren. Drew and Mikayla could not wait to invite Mimi and Poppi to their school to have breakfast with them! Mimi and Poppi wouldn't have missed this for the world and met us at the school at 6:45 on the rainy Friday morning!
Mimi and Poppi move through the serving line with Drew and Mikayla - Poppi offers his assistance. Drew and Mikayla do this every day, but it has been awhile since my mom and dad have been in a school cafeteria.
Drew and Mikayla enjoyed having breakfast with Mimi and Poppi while I headed down to my room to get ready for the day. After they ate, Drew and Mikayla had the chance to show Mimi and Poppi their classrooms and they got to meet Drew and Mikayla's teachers! To get to Mikayla's classroom they had to go right past mine so they also stopped and visited a minute in my room!
Thank you mom and dad for coming to have breakfast with my children! All they could talk about the whole day is "Mimi and Poppi came to our school", and this is something that they won't soon forget!

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