Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mikayla's Birthday Party!

This post has been one week coming as Mikayla's party was last Sunday!
In case you are wondering about lack of posts lately...I handmade invitations for Mikayla to give out for her party, I've baked and decorated her birthday cake, I am now the webmaster for our school's web page (that has taken up a lot of time that I usually devote to my blog), and we have been preparing for soccer and dance season. Lots going on here - which in turn means lots to post about. I hope to get some "catching up" done this week!

She wanted to have a swim party again, so Mimi and Poppi graciously let us "borrow" their pool (er house). Mikayla was very excited about her party, especially after "helping" mommy make her cake. She couldn't wait to see all of her friends, have cake and ice cream, and open presents.

We scheduled her party from 2:00 - 5:00, so we would have time for church and then finish last minute preparations for her party and have dinner with Mimi and Poppi. It had been a beautiful morning, but just before 2:00 I began noticing clouds in the sky. As the first guests began arriving, we headed on out to the pool. Lucas, Jadyn, Trevyr, and Ms. Amy enjoy the pool.The birthday girl jumps off the diving board and swims to the ladder.Tessa, Lucas, Jadyn, Lauren, and Breanna play in the pool as Bryson and Drew look for more toys!

Mikayla and Breanna

About an hour or so after all of the children had been swimming, it began to rain. Since it was just sprinkling at first, we thought we would wait it out - I mean, all the kids were already wet anyway. But as it began to rain harder, we thought it best to head inside before we were all soaked. The rain break provided a great time for cake, ice cream, and presents. Mikayla gets ready to blow out her candles!Drew and Bryson would rather play - first with toys and then on the wii!Mikayla and her friends enjoy some cake and ice cream!
Bailey, and Olivia help Mikayla open one of her presents!

By the time everyone had enjoyed their cake and ice cream, and Mikayla had opened all of her presents, the rain had stopped. We all headed back outside so the kids (some adults too) could spend the rest of the time swimming!
Drew, Bryson, Olivia, Mikayla, Trevyr, Breanna, and Lauren
Mikayla in the middle of the pool surrounded by family and friends!Olivia, Mikayla, Jadyn and Bailey play in the pool.And then the girls take a turn in the "bounce house"!

It was a fantastic party, and everyone seemed to have a grand time - especially Mikayla! Happy Birthday again, Sweet Princess!! We love you!

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delilah said...

She is so cute! Her party looked great! I would have loved to see the handmade invites :)

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