Sunday, September 14, 2008

So Sweet at School!

Mikayla's class at school is down one room from mine (across the hall). She has walked from my room to her own room several times this year, but every now and then she gets a little upset when it is time to leave mommy! She feels more comfortable having someone walk her down. On this particular morning she "allowed" Drew to walk her down. You see, Drew had asked for several days if he could "walk" Mikayla to her room, but Mikayla wouldn't have any part in it. She wanted Mommy to walk her down. Drew was so excited that she finally let him have a turn. He feels like such the big brother these days, now that she is at school full-time with us! He thinks he is her protector, that is for sure! Mikayla rubs her eyes (she is still upset) as Drew prepares to walk to his class (on the next hall over).
One more sweet goodbye hug before "bubba" has to go. They are such "sweet siblings" - well, most of the time! :)
For the record, as soon as Mikayla gets seated with her friends in her class, she is fine. No more rubbing her eyes, or being upset. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a "show" for mommy - could it be?

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