Monday, September 01, 2008

A Surprise Party and a Birthday Cake

Saturday was a busy day for our family as we were getting ready for Mikayla's birthday party. I also had been invited to a surprise birthday party for my assistant Saturday night at The Junction restaurant. Craig kept the kids so that I could go and celebrate with Mrs. Brooks and her family and friends. There was about 40 people there to surprise her when she came through the door and boy, was she surprised!! Her son and daughter-in-law came from North Carolina, and also our friend Martha came from North Carolina. We had a wonderful time, and I'm glad that it's over because it was hard to keep it a secret from her - seeing her every day like I do! Happy Birthday Mrs. Brooks - I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend with your family!

After coming home Saturday night, I began working on Mikayla's birthday cake. Making Drew and Mikayla's cake is a new tradition for our family that I started last year. I am by no means a professional, but it sure is fun to do, and the important thing is the cakes are made with love! Last year, Drew had a scuba diver cake (at the bottom of the page) and Mikayla had a princess castle cake (at the bottom of the page). This year Drew had a baseball field (in the middle of the page) and Mikayla requested a Hannah Montana cake. I thought "oh boy, how do you make a Hannah Montana cake". So I got online and searched for ideas. I found a Hannah Montana guitar cake and thought I could handle that so that's what we made. I baked two rectangle shaped cakes and cut one to be the handle and the other to be the guitar shape. Then I put them together and decorated them. It wasn't near as hard as I expected it to be. Mikayla even had fun helping me with the pink and white crystal sprinkles, and I think it turned out rather cute. What do you think?

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