Monday, September 01, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese and Football!!

One of our family traditions is that the birthday person gets to choose where/what we eat for their birthday dinner. This year Drew chose Kanpai of Tokyo (that is not really Mikayla's favorite place), and Mikayla chose Chuck E. Cheese (Drew was thrilled with this choice, too). So Thursday after school, we ran a few errands and then we were off to eat. Uncle Jonathan joined us for dinner and played a few games with Drew and Mikayla!
Mikayla enjoys some salad while waiting on our pizza. Drew didn't care anything about a salad and was already off playing.Drew "drives" one of the games while Uncle Jonathan watches.I think Uncle Jonathan was really waiting on his turn!Daddy and Mikayla have fun playing ski ball. This is Mikayla's favorite game - it was also my favorite game when I was little! Drew loves riding the jet ski - he gets upset though because he can never win. Craig said it might be because he chooses "expert" as his level.
Mikayla rides on the fire truck.Drew and Jonathan played a couple games of air hockey - each time Drew said he was going to win but Jonathan got him every time.Daddy watches as Mikayla tries to "catch some bees" in the honey pot. This is another favorite of Mikayla! Mikayla got to open one gift from Mommy, Daddy, and Drew at Chuck E. Cheese. It was the Hannah Montana game that she has been wanting for the Wii. In fact, she and Drew are playing this game as I type this!

After eating and playing games, Jonathan was off to watch the Carolina Panthers game. We came home to watch the Carolina Gamecocks game! Mimi and Poppi also came over to visit with Mikayla on her birthday and give her one of her presents.

Mikayla and Poppi pose with Hannah Montana!

Mikayla opens one of her gifts from Mimi and Poppi! She had them open the box and put that together before they left! She (and Drew) Loves it!

Drew opens the guitar picks that Mimi and Poppi wrapped for him to open Thursday night. You can see those Carolina Gamecocks playing in the background!

GOOOOOO COCKSSSSSS! After Mimi and Poppi left, we got Drew and Mikayla to bed and then we finished watching the game. It has been a great weekend of football! My Gamecocks won Thursday night, and then our high school won in a blowout on Friday night!

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