Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Sweet Kids

Tonight, after Drew and Mikayla were in bed we hear Mikayla crying. When we ask what's wrong she says she wants to sleep with us. We remind her that she has to sleep in her bed, but that if she wakes during the night she can come get in the bed with us. This is not something we are too terribly strict on - in fact sometimes we let them go to sleep in our room. Like the song says "let them sleep in the middle, let them be little" - in fact those are some of my cherished moments because I know they won't always "want" to sleep in the middle. Okay, so now I'll get back to my story...we send her back to bed still crying. Seconds later we hear Drew say in this little brotherly voice "Mikayla, can you please stop crying so I can go to sleep, I've got a big day tomorrow?". Not a minute later, Drew comes in the living room and says "mom, can Mikayla sleep with me, she's crying and she wants to?". I say "yes, as long as you both go to sleep". I also add "the first time I hear you playing she goes back to her room". We hear Drew tell Mikayla "mom said yes, but we have to go straight to sleep - I've got a big day tomorrow, I'm going to Strawberry Hill". Craig and I looked at each other and laughed. Drew actually doesn't go on his field trip until next week, but we didn't correct him tonight. They are so sweet!!

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