Saturday, May 17, 2008

2008 Miss/Mr. Rising Star Pageant!

Today was the 2008 Miss/Mr. Rising Star Pageant. Mikayla did not compete this year because she was crowned 2007 Petite Miss Rising Star in last year's pageant! She was part of the pageant this year as she had to crown this year's winner. She also participated in the opening dance number, held the basket so the petite contestants could draw their on-stage question, and took her "final walk" as 2007 Petite Miss Rising Star. We only had to change her clothes once this year compared to 4 times last year, so it was so much less stressful this year (for mommy). Mikayla had so much fun last year, and I think she may have been a little sad not to be competing this year. Also, as part of this year's pageant, the 2007 queens (Petite, Junior, and Pre-Teen) each performed a talent while the judges tabulated their scores. Mikayla did not perform a talent in last year's pageant so I was a little unsure of this. Until this Thursday the plan was for Mikayla to perform one of her dances from this year's recital. Thursday, she decided she wanted to sing "You Are My Sunshine" like Abbi did at last year's pageant. Miss Andrea said that would be fine and had her practiced singing in class on Thursday and Friday nights.

This is video (I hope it works) of Mikayla singing at the pageant. The lighting is a little dark (I should have used the light on my camcorder), but the sweetest thing is her voice and that's clearly on the video. (I can't get the video to load just right - I'm trying to get help so check back later...) She did such an outstanding job and we were all so proud of her. Ms. Andrea even announced to the audience after Miki sang that a year and a half ago Mikayla would not have even gone on that stage by herself, and now she's singing without music (I know this has a specific name, but I can't spell it). I wish I had gotten Ms. Andrea saying that on my video, but it will be on the one we purchase. She also mentioned to me after the pageant how proud she was of Mikayla singing that song. She said she was loud so everyone could hear her - and she sang perfectly. A lady came up to me after the pageant and said "I can't believe she is only 4 - she is so poised". "She crowned those contestants just like the older "queens" did. Wow! What a compliment for my " baby girl". I must say she is very mature for her age! Mikayla was able to crown her friend Jadyn as this year's Petite Miss Rising Star which they both loved!

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